Securities Brokerage

Because you deserve it, AAIS pays careful attention by providing all the mechanisms that help you enjoy a unique trading experience, and provide you with an easy-to-work structure to take sound investment decisions.
The company offers you less brokerage commissions compared to other companies in the market.
The company provide you with a highly competent and honest account manager dedicated to get the most reliable and secure trading.

Securities Margin Trading

It is one of the most distinctive services offered by the company.
The company gives the client procedures-free loans to increase the amount of money invested in the stock market and thus achieve a greater return.
The company offers margin trading service at the least interest in Egypt or interest-free on commissions only – just choose the way you want to deal with.

Electronic Trading

The company provides this service to you through its website in the most comfortable, easy and secure manner at the least commission and best service in Egypt.
The company provides you with a real-time price index monitor through which you can follow the prices, stock news and execution at the lowest cost.
Through such service, you can execute your orders from anywhere in the world without the need to contact us.
This service helps you to execute your orders in real-time and quick manner without any delay or interruption. Moreover, this helps you on following up your orders and balance around the clock, so you can quickly make sound investment decision.

Intra Day Trading

Intra Day Trading Service include sale then purchase of the client’s available stocks, and purchase then sale in the next day.

GDR Trading

AAIS offers GDR trading service through a long experienced and highly efficient team enabling our clients to maintain unique opportunities in the Egyptian Stock Exchange and other stock markets in the Middle East and across the world.

Technical Analysis

The company has a number of the best experts in technical analysis, which is one of the most important tools to rely upon by the investor for increasing profit and reducing losses. Due to such importance, the company has made a detailed daily market report covering the most EGX traded shares.

Trading on EGX non-listed securities (Off-the-board)

AAIS is one of the distinguished companies in providing such service particularly for foreign clients.
Based on its subject matter experience, the company has the required capability for legal and procedural processing to complete successful transactions in less time and simple procedures.
According to the specialists’ view, the company is recognized as an expert in making successful off-the-board transactions.

Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)

Dedicated for both corporates and trusted individuals, such service a significant tool that guarantees the seller money before the company and ensure delivery of shares to the purchaser before payment of the purchase value.

Listing Agent

The company a reliable provider of Listing service for both Egyptian and foreign companies helping them to adjust their situation in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.